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Get Started Building Mobile Apps With PhoneGap Enterprise

Whether you’re a developer creating an engaging new app, a marketer personalizing the content, or a designer rolling out the experience across devices, the AEM Apps integrated mobile app development platform (MADP) makes it easy to do everything from a single location.

PhoneGap Enterprise is a part of AEM Apps and provides the ability for both developers and marketers to work together to create and manage their hybrid mobile apps. Allowing developers to continue using the tools they are familiar with while also embracing the AEM Apps platform is a recipe for success.

At Adobe Sum­mit in Salt Lake City I will host a lab ses­sion called Building Mobile Apps: Introduction to Adobe PhoneGap Enterprise for developers, where I will walk you through the entire experience, starting from source code on the file system to authoring the app in Experience Manager. Then complete the development process by running the app on a device simulator and publishing content updates. This developer lab is the perfect opportunity to gain a complete understanding of building cross-platform mobile applications with Adobe Experience Manager.

To get a even more complete understanding of building mobile apps with Adobe Experience Manager be sure to check out the Man­ag­ing Mobile Apps : Intro­duc­tion to Adobe Phone­Gap Enter­prise for Mar­keters lab and there is a session that is worth checking out too called Mobile app devel­op­ment and con­tent man­age­ment with Adobe Expe­ri­ence Man­ager.

If you haven’t done so already I recommend you reg­is­ter for Sum­mit and this lab before the limited seats sell out. I am look­ing for­ward to helping you improve your mobile app development skills. I hope to meet you at Summit!

Delivering Managed Content to Your Native Apps

CONNECT Web Experience (previously CQCON) is a month away, and I’m excited to be attending this event to talk about Delivering Managed Content to Native Apps.

With the release of AEM 6.0 the ability to leverage its powerful web content management tools with the cross-platform app development platform provided by Phonegap Enterprise is now available. The result is the ability for an organization to quickly deliver an improved app experience across all their segments at a reduced cost.

In many cases however organizations with an existing mobile app presence have most likely already spent considerable time and money on developing native app solutions. Over time these native apps start to grow larger and become harder to easily deliver updated content simultaneously across multiple platforms. Furthermore, more often the marketing organization demands the ability to deliver the brand message directly to their mobile properties. While these apps may not be in a position to move completely to the use of web technologies and cross-platform development provided by Phonegap, the power of AEM apps can still be integrated directly into an existing native app.

In my developer focused presentation I will cover in detail how content created with AEM apps can then be included in an existing native app. Starting with a native Android project I will show the process of integrating AEM generated content and highlight how content in the app can be updated without any further native development being required. Finally, I will also demonstrate the ability for AEM content to communicate with the rest of the native application.

CONNECT WebEx is shaping up to be the essential event for anyone working with Adobe Experience Manager. I look forward to seeing you all there!